Good news for a change

Want some good news for a change? Here’s some:

The S.C. House today rejected a bill that would have authorized a "freshman caucus" for the purpose of being wined and dined by lobbyists. That’s exactly what they should have done. Gee, I wonder where they got the idea?

Seriously, that’s the second time this session that the House has rejected a bill that would have undermined state ethics law, taking the action on the very day we urged them to do so. (The first one isn’t technically dead; it was sent back to committee; but so far there have been no efforts to resurrect it. So keep your fingers crossed.)

OK, you don’t have to thank us. In fact, you shouldn’t. It’s easy for us to say, "Do the right thing."

Thank the ones who actually DID the right thing. You can find their names here.

Oh, all right; I’ll help.

Here are the good guys, who voted to can the bill:
Agnew                  Anthony                Bales
Ballentine             Battle                 Bingham
Bowers                 Brady                  Branham
Breeland               R. Brown               Chalk
Chellis                Cobb-Hunter            Coleman
Cotty                  Edge                   Frye
Funderburk             Govan                 Hagood
Haley                  Hardwick               Harrison
Harvin                 Herbkersman            Hiott
Hodges                 Hosey                  Howard
Huggins                Jefferson              Kirsh
Loftis                 Lucas                  Mack
Mahaffey               Miller                 Mitchell
Moss                   J. H. Neal             Neilson
Ott                    Owens                  Parks
Perry                  Pinson                 E. H. Pitts
Rice                   Sandifer               Scott
Sellers                G. M. Smith            G. R. Smith
Stavrinakis            Talley                 Thompson
Toole                  Weeks                  Whipper

That would leave, playing the goal of NOT-so-good guys, the following:
Alexander              Bannister              Barfield
Bedingfield            Bowen                  Brantley
G. Brown               Cato                   Ceips
Clyburn                Crawford               Dantzler
Delleney               Duncan                 Gambrell
Gullick                Hamilton               Harrell
Haskins                Hinson                 Kelly
Leach                  Limehouse              Lowe
Merrill                Mulvaney               M. A. Pitts
Rutherford             Scarborough            Shoopman
Skelton                D. C. Smith            J. R. Smith
W. D. Smith            Spires                 Stewart
Taylor                 Umphlett               Walker
White                  Williams               Young

OK, I gave the links on every one of the good guys. I’ve got to run, so I don’t have time to do the others right now. If you want me to, speak up, and I’ll come back and do it later tonight. (This will be helpful, because I never know how helpful that stuff is to you, or whether you care enough for the time it takes me.)

Gotta do another quick post, then run.

3 thoughts on “Good news for a change

  1. chris

    I noticed the excellent editorial today on this very subject. I noticed the brilliant editorial on the DOT yesterday.
    What’s up…u trying to accomplish some meaningful change? Give us a heads up next time, otherwise we might miss it! Wink wink…
    It was good work. Thanks

  2. Paul DeMarco

    This is valuable information, the kind that should receive more exposure than just the blog. Put it in the paper and include the names of those who voted “yea” and “nay.” It helped me begin to form an opinion of Kris Crawford MD, a new House member from Florence whose race I didn’t follow closely. Since Kris is a fellow physician, I was particularly interested in what he would add to the debate. I’m disappointed that one of his first acts (as the new Chairman of the Freshman Caucus) is to be the lead sponsor of such self-serving legislation-it doesn’t bode well.

  3. bill

    Thanks for the links.My rep,Mac Toole,did the right thing again.I will email him a note of appreciation.
    Crawford sounds like a quack,and you probably won’t need a second opinion.


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